25-Pounder Field Gun 1939-72 by Chris Henry Osprey

By Chris Henry Osprey

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The trial continued smoothly with the "confessions" of all the other defendants; the statement of the fifty-one "witnesses," some of whom were convicted fascist criminals and some tortured and broken communists dragged out of the state security cells awaiting their own show trial. The speeches of the defense attorneys, chosen and coached by the security services, repeated the charges made by the prosecution and Kostov's attorney, a Dr. " The court's verdict had been decided upon by Stalin, Beria, and Chervenkov before the trial began.

From among these, the stage managers of the show trial selected ten of the most docile and willing prisoners and, after breaking Kostov's resistance, began to teach them their lines for the public trial. 16 All of them except Kostov were promised light sentences and readmission to the party in some distant future if they followed their scripts. Early in November, the final drafts of the indictments were submitted first to Beria and then to the special investigating commission of the Bulgarian Central Committee, headed by Chervenkov.

He was turned into a Trotzkyist, "left sectarian" traitor who, as early as 1930, collaborated with the Comintern leaders Bela Kun and Valecki, murdered in the prewar Soviet purges. In 1942, the indictment read, Kostov was enrolled in the service of the Bulgarian monarchist police. S. Ambassador Donald Reed Heath, as an agent of those nations' intelligence services. Later, the role of spymaster was given over by the Americans to the Yugoslavs, who instructed Kostov to The Kostov Trial 21 plot for the annexation of Bulgaria as the seventh federal republic of a Titoist south Slav union; to sabotage the economic and political relations between the Soviet Union and Bulgaria; and to eliminate or, if necessary, to murder Dimitrov.

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