4-Dimensional projective planes of Lenz type III by Salzmann H.

By Salzmann H.

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65). Subsequent chapters cover emotions, imagery, and associations. A “junk drawer” consists of observations not included elsewhere, such as the “power of introductions” and introductory questions. The recommendations offered are intended to be modified to meet individual requirements. The text is accompanied by the liberal use of graphics in the form of line drawings, black-and-white photographs, boxes, and charts. 51. Cowley, James C. P. ” International Journal of Market Research 42, no. 1 (Winter 1999/2000): 17–38.

Harris wonders whether the significant advantage that the online mode has through the perceived sense of anonymous communication will endure once participants may be visually represented, with what are described as “respondent avatars” (such as cartoon characters, or photographic representations of the respondent). The ethics of online research are discussed, with several codes of conduct cited. 67. Hughes, Jerald, and Karl R. Lang. ” Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods 2, no. 2 (2004): 95–110.

Monolescu and Schifter believe that a different research paradigm is necessary when evaluating online experiences. Two data-gathering approaches were utilized: virtual focus groups and the Delphi method, “a systematic communication technique, mainly used for forecasting” (p. 173). Recruitment yielded a total of eight students, whose anonymity was preserved throughout the project. All contact between researchers and participants was via e-mail. Student communication was asynchronous, that is, they did not have to be online at the same time.

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