700 Sundays by Billy Crystal

By Billy Crystal

To help his kinfolk, Billy Crystal's father, Jack, labored jobs, having just one day per week to spend together with his kinfolk. in accordance with Crystal's one-man Broadway express of an analogous identify, "700 Sundays"--referring unfortunately to the time shared through an adoring father and his dedicated son--offers a heartfelt, hilarious memoir. photographs all through.

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He had the mime ability of a circus clown, and he could do magic tricks, and would always use one of us as his assistant. He seemed more like our older brother. He was the uncle you could play with. He was an artist, who had actually been ordered by Eisenhower during World War II to interpret the war on canvas. His first assignment was D-Day. His life story would later become a docu22 7 0 0 Sundays mentary film directed by my daughter Lindsay, for HBO. The Gabler side was Mom’s family. She was one of six brothers and sisters.

Who died and made you a Cherokee? ” “Pop, listen. I want to produce my own records. Why are we making money for everybody else with these reissues for? I want to make my own jazz records, Pop. ” 33 billy crystal “Why would I want to get involved with that crap for? ” “Okay. ” So, on the day after Benny Goodman’s legendary “Sing Sing Sing” concert in 1938—with Benny’s searing clarinet and Gene Krupa’s astounding, pulsating drum solo, Swing music was played for the first time ever in Carnegie Hall and it knocked the music world on its ass—Milt gets Goodman’s sidemen and his now good friends, the great jazz guitarist Eddie Condon, and the best clarinetist in town (Benny left town that morning), Pee Wee Russell, and they go into a studio, and they do something my Uncle Milt never did before in his life.

That was my nickname given to me by Zutty Singleton and Willie “The Lion” Smith. They were, along with Tyree Glenn, my favorites. They called me Face because I could make their faces. I could imitate them and it was easy, because they were all such great characters. So, that night, somebody put me up on a sax case and that meant I had a stage. “Hey, listen up, you got to hear what the Face can do. Face, do the joke about Zutty. Zutty, get over here. This is about you. ” I imitated his voice and his mannerisms, eyes wide open, filled with joy, the voice, Satchmo-like, raspy from the cigarettes and the booze, a real nightclub voice, coming out of my five-year-old mouth .

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