A Companion to Mediterranean History (Wiley Blackwell

A spouse to Mediterranean background offers a wide-ranging assessment of this vivid box of ancient study, drawing jointly students from quite a number disciplines to debate the advance of the area from Neolithic occasions to the present.
Provides a precious advent to present debates on Mediterranean background and is helping outline the sector for a brand new generation.
Covers advancements within the Mediterranean international from Neolithic instances to the fashionable era.
Enables fruitful discussion between quite a lot of disciplines, together with historical past, archaeology, paintings, literature, and anthropology.

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2011). Correlating changes in temperature and rainfall over the entire Mediterranean basin has barely begun. For the moment there are still too many unknowns. We do not yet have the ability to “retrodict” the predominant weather patterns in, let us say, the Nile delta when we know the climatic patterns in southern France. Eventually, climate models may allow this, but not yet. For this reason it may be beside the point to refer to the Medieval Warm Period or the Little Ice Age, ­identifiable in a European context, when we talk of events in the eastern Mediterranean.

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