A Dictionary of Iraqi Arabic: English-Arabic (Arabic Series) by B. E. Clarity, Ronald G. Wolfe, Karl Stowasser

By B. E. Clarity, Ronald G. Wolfe, Karl Stowasser

This dictionary for English audio system includes the elemental Iraqi dialect. The utilization is essentially that of Muslim audio system from Baghdad, yet a few southern Iraqi utilization can also be incorporated.

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Org Across 2 6 7 8 9 glorified perfumed, scented glandular scooter economy, business, political economy 12 revoked 13 obliged, obligated 16 encode, to encode, code 18 corresponded 19 admonish, admonished, admonishes 21 extract, epitome, excerpt 23 decorated 24 operated 25 tile 28 decree, edict, availability 29 convinced, persuaded 30 drunkenness, intoxication Down 1 3 4 5 deepen native, aboriginal calico, cotton acquisition, acquirement, purchase 10 feed, nourish 11 fireball 14 vulture 15 undress, disrobe 17 inconvenient, uncomfortable, uncomfortably 20 academies 22 feel, to feel, finger 26 noodles, dumplings, macaroni 27 stop Solutions: Aasgeier, Akademien, arbeiteten, Auszug, befühlen, Dachziegel, drüsig, Eingeborener, entkleide, entsprachst, Erlaß, ermahnt, ernähre, Erwerbung, Feuerkugel, hältst, Kattun, Motorroller, Nudeln, Ökonomie, parfümiert, Trunkenheit, überzeugtest, unbequem, verherrlichtet, verpflichteten, verschlüsseln, vertiefe, verziertet, widerrieft.

Org 56 Puzzle #52: Level 5 - A Bit Tricky 1 3 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 © Philip M. org Across 4 considered, regarded 7 bulkhead 9 available, obtainable, procurable 12 ventilated 15 exceed, surpass, excel 18 fed, feed, feeds 19 guard 20 counterpoint 22 looking 24 collector 25 boundless, limitless, boundlessly 26 glorified 27 crumble 28 resembled 29 motionless, rudderless Down 1 satellite, accomplice 2 3 5 6 dragged rash, rashly, forwardly thaw congratulated, felicitated 8 climb, ascend, to ascend 10 centralized 11 obey, obeyed, obeys 13 dissonance 14 hired 16 remove, removed, removes 17 amaze, to amaze, wonder 21 reverse, invert, turn around 22 ascend, ascension, to ascend 23 assist, abet Solutions: Aufsteigen, aussehend, befolgt, beglückwünschtest, berücksichtigtet, beseitigt, bröckelst, erhältlich, ernährt, ersteigen, Garde, geglichen, grenzenlos, helfe, Kollektor, Kontrapunkt, lüftete, mietetet, Missklang, regungslos, schlepptet, Schott, taust, Trabant, übertriff, umkehren, verherrlichtest, verwundern, voreilig, zentralisiertet.

Org Across 3 acetylene 7 collapse, collapsing, cave in 11 peddled 13 met 14 wither 15 ambrosia 16 earwig 19 require, necessitate 22 threshed, flailed 23 jewelry, jewellery, beautiful 24 dedicate, devote 27 boor, lout, flail 28 falsified 29 farewell, adieu, good bye 30 chicane, chicanery, harassment Down 1 annotate 2 deliver 4 condominium 5 closed, locked 6 insufferable 8 conclusion 9 thresh, flail 10 affected 12 conclusion, inference, concluding observations 17 cornmeal 18 found 20 aborigine, locals, native 21 confession, avowal, acknowledgement 25 calculate, to calculate, compute 26 calve, to calve Solutions: Azetylen, beeinflußtet, begegnete, Bekenntnis, dresche, Eigentumswohnung, erfordre, fälschten, Flegel, Folgerung, gedroschen, Götterspeise, gründeten, hausierten, kalben, kommentierst, Lebewohl, liefere, Maismehl, Ohrwurm, rechnen, Schikane, Schlussfolgerung, Schmuck, unausstehlich, Ureinwohner, verschloß, verwelkst, widme, zusammenbrechen.

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