A Feminist Companion to the Bible the Latter Prophets (The by Athalya Brenner, Carole R. Fontaine

By Athalya Brenner, Carole R. Fontaine

The authoritative prestige of 'Prophecy' within the Bible poses a problem to the feminist readers. This problem is sharpened through the frequent symbolism in prophetic discourse of lady, spouse, mom, harlot and using what the amount name 'pornoprophetics'. during this assortment it's the publication of Hosea that draws targeted realization, yet there also are articles on sexual violence and an introductory essay on prophecy itself as a literary phenomenon. This Feminist significant other bargains a pointy disagreement among the voice of the prophetic male and the resistance of the feminist reader. learn more... Hosea ; A reaction to "Hosea" / Carole R. Fontaine -- the feminine physique, the physique politic and the land : a sociopolitical examining of Hosea 1-2 / Alice A. Keefe -- Boxing Gomer : controlling the deviant lady in Hosea 1-3 / Yvonne Sherwood -- God is to Israel as husband is to spouse : the metaphoric battering of Hosea's spouse / Naomi Graetz -- delusion and the displacement of enjoyment : Hosea 2.4-17 / Francis Landy -- Hosea 1-3, Genesis 1-4 and masculist interpretation / John Goldingay -- Marital constancy and intimacy : a view from Hosea four / Mayer I. Gruber -- i'm going to wreck your mom : the obliteration of a cultic function in Hosea 4.4-6 / Margaret S. Odell -- God as mom in Hosea eleven / Helen Schungel-Straumann -- strains of the goddess within the ebook of Hosea / Marie-Theres Wacker -- The metaphorization of girl in prophetic speech : an research of Ezekiel 23 / Fokkelien van Dijk-Hemmes -- On prophetic propaganda and the politics of "love" : the case of Jeremiah / Athalya Brenner -- hope less than the terebinths : on pornographic illustration within the Prophets : a reaction / Robert P. Carroll -- Rape as an army metaphor within the Hebrew Bible / Pamela Gordon and Harold C. Washington -- historical close to jap treaty-curses and the last word texts of terror : a research of the language of divine sexual abuse within the prophetic corpus / F. Rachel Magdalene -- Can God be relied on? : confronting the misleading God / Nancy R. Bowen

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Of the marriage and other metaphors contains many references to females 'prostituting' themselves, which is also the regular practice of pornography. This recurrent accusation is socially devastating. It therefore remains to be asked if, and how, this type of religious propaganda makes use of pornographic representations of woman in Hosea and other books of the genre. BRENNER Introduction 35 Four articles and one response are addressed to this issue. The first two, 'The Metaphorization of Woman in Prophetic Speech: An Analysis of Ezekiel 23' by the late Fokkelien van Dijk-Hemmes, and my 'On Prophetic Propaganda and the Politics of "Love"', extend the debate beyond Hosea.

Hosea's marriage was, no doubt, as interesting a topic for gossip in eighth-century Israel as it is for scholarly reconstructions in the present. Unfortunately, the text is by no means clear as to what actually transpired: does chs. 3 recapitulate the same events as ch. 1, now viewed from a later perspective, or does it refer to a subsequent reconciliation with Corner, Hosea's encounter with yet another woman, or something else altogether? ) in chs. 1-3, but the actual status of Corner is unclear, since the text does not call her a prostitute per se.

To attribute desperation and extreme emotion to the 'husband', thus to understand his words and threatening actions, is to agree that violence against women, especially married women, may be justifiable and necessary in the biblical source text as well as in ancient and modern Jewish interpretations. Graetz concludes by offering some ways for promoting change within the Jewish ritual tradition, so that women become a less convenient target for verbal and other kinds of abuse that are similar to those described in Hosea 2.

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