A Girl's Guide to Vampires by Katie MacAlister

By Katie MacAlister

Pleasure Randall's most sensible five tips for Vampire Hunters: position, situation, situation. Vampires will not be stuck useless (ha!) in locations like discos, ten-minute lube retailers, or Switzerland. take note, for those who would not be there, neither might a bloodsucker. belief your eyes. you recognize the good-looking, annoyingly boastful, confident guy within the shadows with lengthy hair and a cleft in his chin? he is your vampire. irrespective of how tempting it'd be, don't "accidentally" gather a paper reduce in your finger and recommend your vampire kiss it to make it greater. Play it cool. do not supply to accompany your prince of the evening at the talk-show circuit, and no matter what you do, do not supply him your center! such a lot of all, consider: being a vampire is not anything to snicker approximately.

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Seven knots I double-tie Moon and candles light the way, Seven knots for me and love. " I asked impatiently a few minutes later as Miranda stared sightlessly into a bowl of water. "Do you see Mr. Right? Is he cute? " I made a face at Roxy and turned back to Miranda. Her eyes had lost their focus as they did when she scried Roxy's future, but there was something different about her bearing now, something tense and unyielding that was in direct contrast to the relaxed posture she had with Roxy. Davide rose to his feet and started to stalk toward me, the hair on his back rising as he approached me.

This Dante is guilty of brainwashing you, of seducing innocents like yourself into thinking the darkness found in men's souls is something to be tampered with…" "Luke, beware the dark side," I intoned in my best Obi Wan Kenobi voice. Both women turned astonished faces at me. I gave them a weak smile and held up my hands. "Sorry, I thought it was funny. " She raised an eyebrow. " "Only the foolish meddle in the darkness in men's souls," Miranda warned. " Roxy snapped back. They glared at each other until I decided to mellow them both out.

He even moved there so he could be closer to them, so he could study them and learn their ways. " She must have felt the weight of two sets of disbelieving eyes, because she hiked her chin up even higher. " "Roxy…" I shook my head. "Honey, I know it's a tempting thought to believe that such things really exist, but come on! Vampires? Men who drink blood and burn up in the sun and wander around all tormented and angsting because they haven't found the right woman to save their soul? " I had forgotten in whose house I was sitting.

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