A History of Greece, Volume 08 of 12, originally published by George Grote

By George Grote

Largely said because the so much authoritative examine of old Greece, George Grote's twelve-volume paintings, began in 1846, tested the form of Greek background which nonetheless prevails in textbooks and renowned debts of the traditional global this day. Grote employs direct and transparent language to take the reader from the earliest occasions of mythical Greece to the dying of Alexander and his iteration, drawing upon epic poetry and legend, and reading the expansion and decline of the Athenian democracy. The paintings offers causes of Greek political constitutions and philosophy, and interwoven all through are the real yet outlying adventures of the Sicilian and Italian Greeks. quantity eight takes the tale from the overthrow of the 400 in Athens to the demise of Alkibiades in 404 BCE, and likewise includes chapters on drama and rhetoric, and at the philosophy of the Sophists and of Socrates.

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OLIGARCHICAL CONSPIRACY. 13 foreign policy according to the interests of Alkibiad£s—or to inspire him with such lively interest in the substitution of oligarchy for democracy at Athens ? This was a question which the oligarchical conspirators at Samos not only never troubled themselves to raise, but which they had every motive to suppress. The suggestion of Alkibiade's coincided fully with their political interest and ambition. Their object was to put down the democracy, and get possession of the government for themselves —and the promise of Persian gold, if they could get it accredited, was inestimable as a stepping-stone towards this goal, whether it afterwards turned out to be a delusion or not.

What this et cetera comprehended, we cannot divine. The demand was certainly ample enough without it. CHAP. ] MANffiUVRES OF ALKIBIADES. 29 trated. At last he bethought himself of a fresh demand, which touched Athenian pride as well as Athenian safety, in the tenderest place. He required that the Persian king should be held free to build ships of war in unlimited number, and to keep them sailing along the coast as he might think fit, through all these new portions of territory. After the immense concessions already made, the envoys not only rejected this fresh demand at once, but resented it as an insult which exposed the real drift and purpose of Alkibiade"s.

Alkibiades forthwith sent intelligence to the generals and officers at Samos of the step taken by Phrynichus, and pressed them to put him to death. CHAP. ] MANCEUVRES OF PIIRYNICIIUS. 17 The life of Phrynichus now hung by a thread, and was probably preserved only by that respect for judicial formalities so deeply rooted in the Athenian character. In the extremity of danger, he resorted to a still more subtle artifice to save himself. He despatched a second letter to Astyochus, complaining of the violation of confidence in regard to the former, but at the same time intimating that he was now willing to betray to the Lacedaemonians the camp and armament at Samos.

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