A Perfect Darkness by Jaime Rush

By Jaime Rush

They stay usual lives, yet they're amazing. they're the Offspring, kids of a mysterious test long past awry—and they're in bad threat. a beautiful stranger awakens Amy Shane at the hours of darkness. Lucas Vanderwyck slightly has time to whisper a number of phrases earlier than 3 males burst into her bed room and drag him away. yet what Lucas finds shatters Amy's secure little global ceaselessly. Lucas and Amy percentage a psychic gift—a present that may positioned them in mortal hazard. And as they proportion evening after evening of savage ardour, as a shadowy executive conspiracy tracks their each stream, they'll struggle to avoid wasting one another. yet in basic terms with their powers of moment sight can they break out the phobia of an ideal darkness.

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A Perfect Darkness

They dwell usual lives, yet they're awesome. they're the Offspring, teenagers of a mysterious scan long gone awry—and they're in bad hazard. a beautiful stranger awakens Amy Shane at the hours of darkness. Lucas Vanderwyck slightly has time to whisper a number of phrases earlier than 3 males burst into her bed room and drag him away.

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Her body fell as limply as Lucas’s had, and her last taste of consciousness was feeling strong arms go around her. Amy swam to consciousness, the smell of mint saturating her nostrils and coating her tongue. Gasping, choking, she opened her eyes to find two figures standing in front of her. Or, more precisely, hovering over her, since she was lying on a couch. She lurched to a sitting position, blinking to clear her vision. Nausea rose in her throat at the sudden movement. It felt like fists were pummeling her muzzy brain.

Eric and Petra told you that, didn’t they? ” Emotion strained her voice. ” He blew out a breath. “Amy, you can’t save him. I don’t know what they’re doing to him, but neither one of us can save him. ” she screamed, feeling the pain and anger at those words rip through her. He clamped his big hands on her shoulders. “You can’t save him, but you can save yourself. ” For just a glimmer, she saw something she’d never seen before—Cyrus’s glow. Yellow, sadness, regret. Then it disappeared. “No,” he said, as convincingly as he’d told her about Lucas Brown, serial killer.

That thought made her sick. “But I was so careful…” “You weren’t careful enough. You can’t just run a red light and take a few extra turns and think you’ve lost them. ” “Something like that,” she had to admit. Eric took up an arrogant pose with his arms crossed on his chest. ” “Lucas had a piece of paper with Bill’s address on it. He told me to hide it when the men busted in. And no, I didn’t show it to Cyrus. ” “He wasn’t exactly open to chatting. His father was in the Army, lived in Fort Meade around the same time my father did, and killed himself.

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