A Weekend With 'a' Drunken Leprechaun: by Klaus Joehle

By Klaus Joehle

Only a thought:Sometimes there's not anything finer than breaking the entire ideas and achieving for the sky. in particular if these ideas have been intended to restrict you, us rather than uplifting us.Then it turns into virtually a heavenly act.As with every little thing, there's an paintings to breaking the entire rules.It has to be performed in this kind of demeanour that it harms no one.But as an alternative it lifts us and offers us a brand new horizon to arrive for. Publishers, publishing homes, you were given to like them; you cannot do that! it truly is by no means been performed like this! O no impossible! you want to do it like???It's continuously been performed . . . Excuse me please, it sort of feels I left my bulldozer working, sick be correct again I promise. What does all of this need to do with a leprechaun? every little thing is attached to every little thing. O' please feed me candy nothings yet do not make me face the reality back, no longer back.

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I said breaking the silence. ” “I have to agree with that,” I answered. ” “And what’s that” I asked knowing full well he was hinting that it was time for me to write another book. “See there’s a lot to this world and a lot to understand but its all really easy if you know how to follow your joy” he answered I’ll give you an example. People have been drilling oil out of the earth and converting it into energy. Now that is good in some form and not good in another but better then not doing it at all.

Obviously its easier to squeeze lemon out of a dried up lemon then get answers from a fat ass leprechaun; I thought to myself as I ducked the swinging branch which caused my foot to snag a root just right for my face to be firmly planted in the leafy soil. Roody came running back, not to see if I was ok but because he thought there was a new game a foot and to let me know that whatever it is he’s game for it. Not entirely sure of the game he decided to improvise and bury me with leaves. By the time I got up and brushed myself off I could see that my leprechaun friend had found a good sitting place on the small rock out cropping.

This causes a chain reaction. Here is an excellent example of an individual following her excitement and the chain reaction it causes. Sandy's Story: About a year ago, an individual I’ll call Sandy wrote me that she had read my book Living on Love: The Messenger, but stated that sending love had no results for her as far as changing her life went. After several emails, we discovered that most of her time consisted of going to a job she thoroughly disliked and that barely supported her financially.

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