A Witch Alone: Thirteen Moons To Master Natural Magic by Marian Green

By Marian Green

I cherished this ebook notwithstanding it must never were my writing variety b/c I appeared to positioned it down much more than the 2 different newbie books i bought. this doesn't suggest I remove any credits from it as i believe it might probably simply be a kind of books i must come again to because the time was once simply now not correct but, not less than for a number of the workouts.

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It is a time of changes, often seemingly for the worst, when friendships falter and depression can set in. Scientists are now saying that a lack of Vitamin D caused by the diminution of natural sunlight at this time can affect people, but those who are wise see that there is a much more ancient reason than that. It was always a hard time; old folk might die, babies fail to thrive when food was scarce, and indeed, sunlight and vitamins available in fresh food would have been in short supply, but there is an inner current that flows through our lives, too.

Harvest Suppers, garlanded heavy horses parading the golden sheaves through the villages, dances and songs recall the much simpler days when the arduous work of the year was brought to fruition. Then the corn dollies were made from the finest ears of corn, woven to the local design, bound with red ribbons. John Barleycorn was dead, long live John Barleycorn. Michaelmas and the Autumnal Equinox bring the garnering of the fruits of wood and orchard, the saving of pumpkins and all root vegetables - the final Harvest Home, when all the produce is displayed in churches or village halls, demonstrating the success or failure of the year's work.

What did Rites of Passage celebrate? Have you gone through any? What do you think the pagan ones are, and when would they happen? How do mumming plays fit into the ongoing record of the Old Ones? Go out and look at the moon, watch her face among the clouds and see how you feel. Draw her light into your awareness and feel it waking up your psychic powers. See how the patterns of your dreams reflect the phases of the moon. Record what you find in your Book. Discover some seasonal songs, folk tales or local myths.

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