Abortion Politics, Women's Movements, and the Democratic by Dorothy McBride Stetson

By Dorothy McBride Stetson

Containing the result of a cross-national learn undertaking on abortion politics in 11 democratic states (between the Nineteen Sixties and 2000), this quantity marks significant development in abortion study. It develops a complete study layout to check even if women's coverage organisations (institutional teams meant to enhance the prestige of girls) have functioned as useful and potent allies of women's hobbies. It explores their efforts to realize entry to energy arenas and safe abortion legislation that coincide with feminist targets. certainly, those findings represent a rigorous program of comparative method to evaluate motives from social flow and democratic concept bearing on diversifications in nation feminism and flow luck.

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On the other hand, feminists organized within the Social Democratic Party were, and are, dependent on the political ideas and inputs coming from the autonomous wing. In the early 19705 the abortion issue was the top priority of both wings. For the older wing, access to abortion was a question of social justice. They argued that illegal abortion would force poor and working class women to terminate unwanted pregnancies under the worst hygienic conditions, resulting in legal action being taken against them.

Instead of emphasizing old class-struggle arguments, women's issues themselves were at the centre. Social Democratic Party officials themselves publicly recognized the dominant shift: the battle for abortion law reform more and more had become a battle for women's emancipation (Gofiler-Leirer and Edlingeri982). The mobilization of the Social Democratic Party's grass-roots movement, together with the activities of the Aktionskomitee, launched a conflict within the party and forced the party elite to reopen the debate on the abortion issue.

Women's movement characteristics The second wave of the women's movement in Austria evolved out of the political left, mostly from organizations within the existing Social Democratic and Communist party structures, in response to the 1970-2 debate on abortion. Abortion was the unifying question and a high priority for the emerging women's movement. Other than the more pragmatic and consensus-oriented party elite, there was no real counter-movement against the women's movement's demands within the Social Democratic Party.

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