Activating agents and protecting groups by Anthony J. Pearson, William R. Roush

By Anthony J. Pearson, William R. Roush

Recognising the necessity for a value powerful reference paintings that offers not just with the preferred reagents in synthesis but in addition reaches the widest attainable viewers of practicing natural chemists, the editors of 'The Encyclopedia of Reagents for natural Synthesis' (EROS) have constructed an inventory of an important and helpful reagents hired within the box, comfortably offered in 4 separate volumes. The reagents integrated during this quantity replicate the truth that conserving teams and activation strategies are usually utilized in mix. there are numerous situations within the synthesis of common and unnatural items, prescribed drugs, oligosaccharides, and oligonucleotides, etc., the place comparable strategies needs to be hired to avoid undesired activation or response of performance. as a result, an important reagents used to guard amines, alcohols, carboxyl, carbonyl and different reactive practical teams are integrated during this quantity. The record of activating brokers contains popular reagents that turn on practical teams for substitution or removal reactions, in addition to much less conventional examples, e.g. HMPA used to "activate" enolates and alkyllithium reagents to extend the nucleophilicity. each one article comprises the entire details present in EROS in addition to accelerated similar reagents listings and extra references to permit the reader to quick entry a extensive diversity of knowledge that's past the scope of the reagent entries themselves. this article is going to end up a useful source.

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