Agent of Chaos by Norman Spinrad

By Norman Spinrad

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The important thing now was not to raise too much of a stir; the glideway was filled with Wards, and a man rushing around bowling them over would stand out like a spider in an anthill. Forcing himself to be leisurely about it, Johnson made his way inward toward the thirty-mile-anhour express strip, threading his way politely through the Wards on the twelve, eighteen and twenty-five-mile-an-hour strips. Finally, he was standing on the express strip itself. He had bought some time, but not very much.

Khustov blurted. Time to apply the needle! Torrence thought. " he said. "Now we come down to it! You have been shot at, and this is the great threat. This is what transforms a pack of fools into a dangerous conspiracy. Tell me, Vladimir, why aren't you as hot to eliminate the Brotherhood? After all, they've caused far more trouble than the League. Could it be that you know something about the Brotherhood that we don't? Could it be that you and the Brotherhood have . . an understanding? After all, they did save your life...

Or was the Brotherhood of Assassins a creature 'of the Hegemony in the first place? Maybe there was no point in going on. . Maybe the most merciful thing would be for the scooter to be detected, and . . 43 Just then, the rockets cut out. Johnson floated in the seat straps, suddenly weightless. And even as the end of the acceleration eased the weight of his body, the sight of Deimos, that dead, jagged rock hanging outside the Viewport, eased his spirit. Whatever else had happened, at least he was alive.

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