Agypten und Levante XVIII Egypt and the Levant XVIII by Manfred Bietak

By Manfred Bietak

Contents: B. Bader, G.K. Kunst und U. Thanheiser, Knochen, Korner und Keramik, Interdisziplinare Auswertung einer Opfergrube aus 'Ezbet Helmi; M. Bietak, okay. Kopetzky, L.E. Stager, and R. Voss, Synchronisation of Stratigraphies: Ashkelon and inform el-Dab'a; J. Budka, Neues zu den Nutzungsphasen des Monumentalgrabes von Anch-Hor, Obersthofmeister der Gottesgemahlin Nitokris (TT 414); I. Forstner-Muller, T. Herbich, C. Schweitzer, and M. Weissl, initial document at the Geophysical Survey at inform el-Dab'a/Qantir in Spring 2008; P. Fuscaldo, The Nubian Pottery from the Palace District of Avaris at 'Ezbet Helmi, parts H/III and H/VI half III: The "Classic" Kerma Pottery from the second one Intermediate interval and the 18th Dynasty; A. Hassler, Mykenisches in Amarna Funde der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft im Agyptischen Museum Berlin; A. Hassler and F. Hoflmayer, Mostagedda 1874 and Gurob 23: Notes on a few fresh Radiocarbon Dates and Their significance for Egyptian Archaeology and Chronology; F. Hoflmayer, Das Ende von SM IB: naturwissenschaftliche und archaologische Datierung; S. Laemmel, initial record at the Pottery from sector Q IV at Qantir/Pi-Ramesse, Excavations of the Roemer-Pelizaeus Museum, Hildesheim; E.S. Marcus, Y. Porath, R. Schiestl, A. Seiler, and S.M. Paley, the center country Egyptian Pottery from center Bronze Age IIa Tel Ifshar; E.S. Marcus, Y. Porath, and S.M. Paley, The Early center Bronze Age IIa stages at Tel Ifshar and Their exterior family members; M.A.S. Martin, Egyptians at Ashkelon? An Assemblage of Egyptian and Egyptian-Style Pottery; T. Schneider, Das Ende der kurzen Chronologie: Eine kritische Bilanz der Debatte zur absoluten Datierung des Mittleren Reiches und der Zweiten Zwischenzeit; T. Schneider, Innovation in Literature on Behalf of Politics: the story of the 2 Brothers, Ugarit, and nineteenth Dynasty heritage; H. Tronchere, F. Salomon, Y. Callot, J.-P. Goiran, L. Schmitt, I. Forstner-Muller, and M. Bietak, Geoarchaeology of Avaris: First effects.

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JUNG, P. ), Pottery Analysis, Studia Archaeologia et Medievalia, Bratislava. BIETAK, M. 1984 Problems of Middle Bronze Age Chronology: New Evidence from Egypt, AJA 88, 471–494. 1985 Ein altägyptischer Weingarten in einem Tempelbezirk (Tell el-Dabca 1. März bis 10. Klasse der Österr. Akademie der Wissenschaften 122, Jahrgang 1985. 1991 Tell el-Dabca V. Ein Friedhofsbezirk der Mittleren Bronzezeitkultur mit Totentempel und Siedlungsschichten, UZK 8, Wien. BADER, B. 2006 Von Palmen und Vögeln – Vorschau auf die Keramik aus dem Areal H/VI östlich des Palastes G in Ezbet Helmi, Ä&L 16, 37 – 61.

12, in Tell el-Dabca they appear already at the end of phase G/1–3. Large globular bowls with knobs (Fig. 13, 19) were found in Tell el-Dabca only in ph. F, while in Ashkelon they appear already in earlier phases. Red burnished globular bowls either with a simple rim (Fig. 14, 20) or with an everted one (Fig. 15, 21) are typical in Tell el-Dabca for the phases F and E/3, in Ashkelon they exist from phase 13/14 onwards. Wheel-made MB cooking pots with gutter rims (Fig. 16, 22) were found on both sites during this period.

3m) Sit. 6, FN 90, H = 3,50m RF Ib2 f–mi W1 abg. ox 2 Md. D = 8,8; Wd. = 0,4; Bd. ) 8984N – Ringständer, vollständiges Profil, ZN 119/2007 (Taf. 8f) Sit. 6, FN 91 (H = 3,47 m) paßt an FN 99 (unter FN 88, Sit. 6) TG Ib2 mi W1 gesp. ox 2 Md. = 10,4; Hd. D. = 11,6; Wd. = 0,6; Bd. ) Sit. 6, FN 92, Tierknochen, s. K. ) K9657-11 – Kleine Bechervase, Unterteil, gezeichnet (Taf. 3p) Sit. g. D. = 8,3; Wd. ) 8984T – Schale mit Ringboden, vollständiges Profil, ZN 11/2007 (Taf. 2o) Sit. gef. ox 2–3 Md. = 14,6–15,4; Wd.

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