AJS Review: The Journal of the Association for Jewish by Nelson, M

By Nelson, M

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49b) Alas for the flesh becauseof flesh. But whena personwho has intellectandeatsan animal,the animalmeritsto be raised into humanflesh. "Sha'arHa-Othiyot4, DerekhEretz(3). AmHa-aretz,p. 184. 47. Oppenheimer, 48. Ibid. 49. "In recommendation, generalthe halakhiccommentatorson this baraitastressthatit is the am ha-aretz'signorance of the "torah"of kashrut-the slaughterand preparationof beasts and fowl---thatmakes it Forexample, inadvisableforthemto eatmeatif notunderthesupervisionof talmideihakhamim.

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Jerusalem,1967), vol. 3, p. 16. " 3. Ravitzky,"SamuelibnTibbon,"pp. 88. Theinfluenceof ibnTibbonon thirteenth-century Europeanand Italianphilosophicalexegesis is discussedextensivelythroughoutRavitzky's dissertation. 4. Ibn Tibbonechoes the thoughtsof previousJewishphilosophers,includingMaimonides,in believingthatphilosophy was an esoteric traditionoriginatingwith the Jews. IbnTibbonsaw Maimonides'Guideas SAMUELIBNTIBBONONTHEBOOKOFJOB 265 Yet, despite the recognitionthat Ravitzky'swork has broughtto ibn Tibbon,relativelylittle work has been done on him.

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