America According to Colbert: Satire as Public Pedagogy by S. McClennen

By S. McClennen

America in keeping with Colbert: Satire as Public Pedagogy submit Sep 11 argues that, not like the anti-intellectualism, the sensationalism, and the punditry that have a tendency to control such a lot mass media this present day, Stephen Colbert's application deals his viewers the chance to appreciate the context during which such a lot information is mentioned and to be serious of it.

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These tensions were further exacerbated in response to the social movements of the 1960s that struggled for civil rights. While the United States did make major advances in terms of civil rights during that era, not all of those gains have held sway, and Th e P u bl ic at R i sk 43 some would suggest that the nation has slid back into an era of intolerance and inequity. S. public policy. ”4 These policies hold no compassion for the disadvantaged and disenfranchised. If someone needs help, it must be that person’s own fault, and it certainly is not the state’s problem to aid him.

There were few laughs over the course of the speech and many present left the room unhappy. But, if we judge him based on the response to his speech from those not there, he was an extraordinary success. At one time, event coverage would have focused only on the audience response, since few would watch the speech on C-SPAN. ”72 Colbert’s performance changed the stakes; it changed the way that the public engaged with the event, because rather than wait to learn what the mainstream media reported, they accessed the speech themselves, read about it on blogs, and formed a wider range of responses, most of which were in no way contingent on mainstream media outlets for information and opinion.

Democratic practices to the events of September 11, 2001, and the ensuing War on Terror. But public debate and democratic deliberation in the United States were already under threat prior to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Well before that day, a series of ideological turns— among them the postmodern crisis of the left, the rise in right-wing fundamentalism, and the cult of individualism fostered by extreme free-market capitalism— coupled with material shifts in politics, economic policies, and media infrastructure had severely limited the possibilities for productive and vigorous public debate of key issues facing the nation.

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