An Anthology of Concrete Poetry

“Concrete Poetry isn't one sort yet a cluster of probabilities, all falling within the Intermedium among semantic poetry, calligraphic and typographic poetry, and sound poetry.

It first crystalized out of those prior modes within the early Nineteen Fifties within the works of such humans as Eugen Gomringer (CH), Carlo Belloli (IT), Dieter Rot (IS), Öyvind Fahlström (SW), the Noigandres team (Haroldo and Augusto de Campos, Décio Pignatari and others, BR), Carlfriedrich Claus (GDR), Gerhard Rühm, Friedrich Achleitner and H.C. Artmann (AT), Daniel Spoerri and Claus Bremer (DE), and Emmett Williams (US, then residing in DE). lately a moment new release of significant figures have extra to the move, together with such humans as Hansjörg Mayer (DE), Ladislav Novák and Jiří Kolář (CZ), Edwin Morgan and Ian Hamilton Finlay (SC), Bob Cobbing (EN), bp Nichol (CA), Mary Ellen Solt and Jonathan Williams (US), Pierre and Ilse Garnier (FR), Seiichi Niikuni and Kitasono Katue (JP) and plenty of others.

The actual fact of the looks of parallel paintings roughly independently in such a lot of international locations and languages shows one of many certain elements of the flow, particularly its resource being within the improvement of a brand new mentality within which values turn into fused and inter-relationships validated on a extra complicated simple than used to be the case within the purer, prior modes of poetry.”

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Sig. [I4r]) 'Cum Priuilegio: For the KING' 27 Other poetic acts derive their significance from this context. Lambert Osbaldeston's presentation to Charles of Oldisworth's poetic welcome back to health, Henry King's decision to follow his published elegy on Gustavus with a verse celebration of Charles's return from Scotland, and the two Westminster presentation volumes of 1633 combine with the gestures of Duppa and Carew to present a celebratory Caroline counterpart to the mourning unleashed in late 1632.

113-16) Rather more delicately, the poem attributed to Mayne suggests in its closing lines that the Swedish King's example will henceforward be 'Generall', the pun leaving in obscurity the question of a successor. Such public musing seems, however, to be at least as much the elaboration of an absence as an attempt to cajole Charles into fulfilling Gustavus's role. The most striking detail of the moral and political map of Europe created by Townshend and King is its very lack of a place, worthy or shameful, for Britain and Charles.

While the miscellanies usually gathered the English poems together at the end, in a separate section often addressed to the Queen, this did not amount to marginalisation. 9 The vernacular is incorporated as an identifying mark of this dynasty, and vernacular poetry takes its place in the formal relations between the university and the monarch. 28 Royalism and Poetry in the English Civil Wars Such an incorporation had an impact on Cambridge poetry, despite that institution's long and influential Spenserian heritage.

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